These are snapshots Annette in both boy mode and girl mode are from Denise’s  scrapbooks.  They include one with her wife and one with her one-and-a-half year-old daughter. Annette was Transvestia’s first Cover Girl of the Month, in issue #5, Sept. 1960. Editor Virginia Prince called Annette, “an excellent choice to be the first to grace our cover. As anyone can see she is a lovely, attractive girl who has learned to make the most of her assets…” 

Beside a supportive wife, Annette had some very close cis-gendered allies. In Transvestia #5 she writes about one couple who feel, “that I should decide for myself what I think is best for me and whatever I do is all right with them. I have attended dances (costume), movie theaters and restaurants with them while I was dressed up. Appearing in public with another couple, I feel more at ease, as a group draws less attentions than a single person. The husband of this couple is taller than I am too, so this helps me hide my height.” Even so, she laments that, “I know of no other TV’s in my area and have yet to meet another personally.”

Annette’s page from Denise’s scrapbook, which can be viewed at the Digital Transgender Archive.

Annette was the first Cover Girl of the Month, Transvestia #5 Sept. 1960 at the Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria