“She” Was There

by Cynthia

Marriage did not cure my TV, as I mistakenly thought it would – I suppose we all know this by now.  After about a year of marriage, I decided to tell my wife.  At first she was, justifiably, angered and disturbed.  Angered because I had concealed it from her from the beginning and disturbed by her interpretation of the implications of TV.  But now, nine years later, her attitude has changed.  She has learned more by reading the few good books on the subject and by discussing it with doctors.  She has also learned that we are not all cooky (sic) characters through meeting well over 100 others for which possibility we are grateful to Virginia (Prince) and this magazine which we discovered about three years ago.

Where do we go from here?  Who knows?  Cynthia has been brought out of the dark recesses.  She has emerged as a fairly stable (by comparison) personality – some will disagree!  She has been recognized, baptized and released – of course I cannot give her full rein.  A year ago we introduced her to my Mother and I kicked myself for not having done this many years ago – Mother likes her.  Most of the time Cynthia’s demands for attention are reasonable, tempered it seems by the activities of two small children.  During periods of great demand, I try to retain objectivity, knowing that the phase will pass.  But I know that it will come and go again, and again, and again…

excerpt Cynthia, “’She’ Was There,” Transvestia, No. 28, 1964, p. 40-43.

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