Miss Genevieve–Our Cover Girl

by Genevieve


I once expressed an opinion in writing that, in effect said, that transvestites are harmless, silly eccentrics who waste much of their lives with their ridiculous habit of cross dressing.  I said many other harsh things about “jerks” who swish around in skirts.  I have since eaten those words.  At the time I expressed those views I was not a transvestite and I had never had an experience of dressing in feminine clothing.  I cannot re-call any experience of childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood that would have had any transvestic influence on me.  I had no effeminate habits, mannerisms or desires.


I had lived what could be considered a normal life, except for three years in the infantry as a non-commissioned officer in the European area in World War II.  While in the service I encountered a few transvestites and saw some perform in amateur stage productions.  I viewed them with distain and said to myself, “You’d never catch me wearing female clothes like that!”


excerpt Genevieve, “Miss Genevieve–Our Cover Girl,” Transvestia, Vol.1, No. 6, November 1960, p. 2-9