Gloria Manning

Through the Looking Glass

by Gloria


I guess my story is different simply because it is true to the “pattern” laid down by Psychologists in general, and no other TV’s that I know follows this pattern at all.  I wore dresses till three or four years old, my hair in long curls till six and one half years old.  But, so did half the infant boys in that period.  I wore “sissy” Buster Brown hats and suits (patterned after a “bay boy” comic strip), but so did many other boys in our small town.  And, I find that I have almost no recollection of all this.  After all, I did not know whether I was a boy of a girl, nobody told me!


[Note: Gloria was born around 1900.]

excerpt Gloria, “Through the Looking Glass,” Transvestia, Vol.4, No. 19, February 1963, p. 2-11