In Transvestia #8, 1961, she gave her name as Joan. Twenty-two years later in Transvestia #108, 1983, she was Fiona. Six years later in 1989 Joan/Fiona transitioned and became Katherine Cummings. She’s been Katherine ever since. She’s the author of Katherine’s Diary: The Story of a Transsexual, which won the Australian Human Rights Award for Nonfiction in 1992, the year it was published. In 2014 she published her second book, The Life and Loves of a Transgendered Lesbian Librarian, which she describes as, “a collection of poems, lyrics for songs, short stories and essays.” Both are available through

Katherine Cummings autobiography available through

One of Joan’s pages from Denise’s scrapbooks, which can be viewed at the Digital Transgender Archive.

Click to read Joan’s autobiographical articles, COVER GIRL from DOWN UNDER, in Transvestia #8 or COVER GIRL – FIONA in Transvestia #108 at the Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria