The Facts of My Life

by Lee

The next few years found my desires confined to fantasy until a memorable day at about the age of thirteen.  The scene was a familiar one.  I was alone in the house with time on my hands.  Having just finished showering, I was returning to my room and going by my sister’s door.  My eye caught a delectable-looking piece of lingerie peeking out of one of her dresser drawers.  The years of fantasy and pent-up curiosity could no longer be suppressed.  I had to find out by actual experience whether this dormant urge of mine did, in fact, have any validity.

I pulled out the drawer with tingling excitement to reveal an array of soft, delicate slips, nighties, bras and hose.  I was immediately drawn to a luxurious pink, silk-satin, lavishly laced nightgown.  When I pulled it out and realizes it was a full length gown my excitement redoubled.  I crushed it to my body and realized that my heart was pumping at an abnormal rate and, as my blood surged within me, that I must be blushing like a bride on her wedding night.

excerpt Lee, “The Facts of My Life,” Transvestia, No. 15, 1962, p. 2-8.

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