The goal of the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive (LLTA or simply Louise) is to increase the understanding of transgender people and encourage new scholarship by making transgender historical materials available to students, scholars and the public.

The archive is named in honor of Northern California transgender pioneer Louise Lawrence, who began living full-time as a woman in 1942, first in the Berkeley, CA, then San Francisco.  She, along with Virginia Prince and others, published the first incarnation of Transvestia in 1952.  Louise’s address book was the initial subscription list and she was instrumental in developing the trans community’s connection to pioneering sex researchers such as Alfred Kinsey and Harry Benjamin. MORE BIOGRAPHICAL INFO HERE

"The history of marginalized communities is elusive, imperiled and best preserved by the community itself."

Ms. Bob DavisFounder, LLTA

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Recent Scholar Visits

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On April 24, 2019 Louise was visited by Jeanne Vaccaro (left), a postdoctoral fellow at the ONE Archives at University of Southern California, and Ariel Goldberg (right), an independent scholar…

Rennovation Complete, We Welcome our First Scholar Visitor

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Louise finally has her make-up on! The remodeling is complete. All the boxes are unpacked and everything is on the shelves, even if it's not all on the right shelf,…

Our Latest Acquisition

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Louise just won an EBay auction, several pages from on old photo album, 70 or so snapshots with 20+ of cross dressing women.  We don't have them, yet, and it's difficult…