Here is a beautiful photo of an unfortunately anonymous female duo.  The only name we have is that of the photographer, Lee F. Redman.  You can find it in tiny italics in the white boarder, lower right corner.  Redman had a studio in Detroit for only two years, 1920 – 1921.  The only other photo from his studio we have found is two smiling drum majorettes with plumed hats and bare midriffs.  No names, but they are described as a vaudeville act.  

Thus, the two women here could also be a vaudeville act, dancers I imagine.  The tux and the dress are designed for the ballroom: the dress for flowing, graceful twirls and turns, the tux for balance and support.  And how theatrical is the look between them as their eyes meet and their smiles engage in coquettish dialogue?

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